Andrew Homyk, PhD
Data Science & Adv. Tech

Ph.D. with 20+ years of experience building and leading cross-disciplinary teams at the intersection of advanced technology, machine learning and translational science.

Andrew is identifeye HEALTH's Head of Research and Data Science.  Prior to joining identifeye HEALTH, Andrew was one of the first members of Google[x]’s stealth Life Sciences division, which spun out to become Verily in 2015. While at Verily, Andrew served as the Head of Research Engineering, leading a team of hardware engineers, optical physicists, microfabrication engineers, biophysicists, data scientists, and clinical researchers to develop new technologies and analytical methods in order to more comprehensively measure samples, precisely quantify biological signatures, and ultimately improve our understanding of disease in order to improve patient outcomes. In prior roles, Andrew has developed a diverse array of technology, spanning nanophotonics, microelectronics, solar energy and tracking and control systems. Andrew holds nearly 50 US patents, has co-authored numerous peer-reviewed articles, and holds a BS, MS and Ph.D. from Caltech.