The Broad Lens:
Health You Can See

Our platform captures the broad insights from the eye to provide personalized health and wellness and democratize healthcare
Our vision

At identifeye HEALTH, we believe in the democratization of healthcare.

Our vision is to democratize healthcare on a global scale, creating a new branch on the diagnostic tree between radiology and laboratory medicine. We aim to support point-of-care screening, diagnosis, and monitoring of a wide range of diseases affordably, and without drawing a drop of blood.

We are empowering the individual with prevalent, convenient and efficient access to healthcare.

Patient first

Remove barriers by providing care closer to the patient. Create an abundance of touchpoints to meet patients where they are. Empower the patient to be more involved in decision making.


Fully automated image capture and analysis to identifeye disease in a non-specialist’s office, including primary care, without the need for specialized healthcare providers.


We provide complete (end-to-end) solutions from test order to image capture to analysis and sharing of insights, all to support the patient care workflow.

Beyond the eye

We go beyond eye disease to identifeye systemic diseases - to create a map to health and wellness.


We are creating a new branch in diagnostics between laboratory medicine (e.g. bloodwork) and radiology to enable regular non-invasive health monitoring


Our algorithms learn and improve with data - identifeye new biomarkers. New results and insights can be shared with patients as new products and features are launched
Our product

We are introducing a new diagnostic platform.

The retina, the light-sensitive tissue layer of the eye, is the only place in the human body where arteries, veins, capillaries, and nerves can be seen directly. Our mission is to use this wealth of information in the human eye to improve patient care.

We are building a portable, easy to use and cloud-connected device to make retinal scanning ubiquitous outside of the specialist’s office.

Through different imaging technologies, a novel chemical sensor and proprietary algorithms, the identifeye device is uniquely positioned to extract key information from the retina non-invasively.

The captured retinal scans are used to generate accurate predictions and diagnoses of a wide range of health conditions, such as neurodegenerative diseases and cardiovascular risk.
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Portable eye scanning

Efficient high-quality retinal imaging at the point of care, that is convenient and accessible to all patients.

Secure cloud storage

Secure image transfer to the identifeye HEALTH HIPAA compliant cloud-based platform.

Image analysis

Remote image analysis for early disease screening.

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Our core values

Prioritize the patient

We make products that remove barriers between quality care and the people who need it. While we serve both patients and providers, we keep the patient needs at the center of our solutions. 

Make data-driven decisions

We hypothesize, test and make data-driven decisions. To move fast, we may make assumptions which we are transparent about, while constantly reviewing and resetting as we get better data. Once a decision is made or a goal is set we collaborate to achieve and accomplish it.

Support each other

We all support the same mission. We celebrate the ideas and contributions of our teammates and recognize that we can only succeed as a team, and when each person feels heard and valued. We give feedback and treat others with clarity and empathy.


We build intuitive solutions to simplify patient care.
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Tesseract Health

The eye is the window into one’s health.
Tesseract is creating a non-invasive test that detects health conditions through the eyes.

Our Vision
At Tesseract we believe in the democratization of healthcare. We are radically rethinking the processes of healthcare delivery — empowering the individual with prevalent, convenient and efficient access to healthcare.

Come help us put a dent in the universe. 
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Our Product
We are building a portable and patient-operated multimodal device to make retinal scanning pervasive outside of the specialist’s office. Our unique combination of hardware and A.I. will unlock the detection of a wide range of diseases through the human eye.

Product image of the Tesseract.